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Hope you enjoy our blog and let us know if you or your company would like to feature.  You can send us your own material based on your experiences or services that you have had from Booga and if the article is interesting, informative and relevant to our customers, we will be very pleased to promote you and your blog content.

The best free and paid for . . . Sliders

Sliders are great for highlighting your best content, publicising important news, and showing off cool photographs and videos. Online shops also use them to promote special offers and important products. Over the last few years, I have noticed that sliders have become...

How to leverage social media

          How To Leverage Social Media The growth of social media services such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit; has fundamentally changed the way we share content on the internet. Before social media exploded, it was more common for people to...

SEO Now is the time . . .

To get your business noticed Setting some fundamentals are really important for all of us, and same rule applies before you start working. In other words, if you are starting your business then marketing is one of those fundamentals which you cannot ignore.    ...

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2017           From all of us at Booga, we wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2017. If you need us to carryout a 'free, no obligation' review of your current web offering then we would be happy to hear...

Business Special

        Its cold and wet and in places even snowy, so to cheer you up we have introduced a Business Start up discount package.  If you have started a new business and require digital services from Booga we can offer you a full 20% discount against...

Instagram Boom

5 Great Plugins For Sharing Your Instagram Feed With WordPress It is amazing to think that Instagram is less than four years old. After being launched in October 2010, it only took two months to reach 1 million users. Six months later the service had 5 million...

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It is important that you our customers have the right level of support.  We provide clear service level agreements with all of our hosted products so you can be assured that the lights are always on even when you are sleeping

Innovative Ideas

We have a team that ooze innovation, they are always looking for the latest and best in development and design so contact us now for the latest thoughts on how your site could be improved

Advanced Technology

All of our designs are responsive and we love to the technology stacks for all types of development and design and ensure that we maintain our partnerships with key and emerging companies

Clear Communication

Clear communications is key.  It is always easier to talk things through.  Whether its talking about new requirements or solving existing problems then please call us now as we like to help people

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