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We are all part of the Booga family

Our team profiles

Steve Muffett

Company Founder

Steve formed Booga in 1993 and strives to provide professional, reliable IT based solutions and resources to organisations across the UK and Ireland.  Steve has had 30 years experience in Business and Information Technology based businesses within the UK and is ideally placed to understand requirements from you our client.  So whether you are a single user who wants a domain or you are a large corporate who requires project resources, Booga is well placed to provide the solution

James Lester

Senior Web Developer

James plans and designs bright, beautiful, user-friendly websites – from e-commerce shops to business directories – with his magic design wand. Over the past 10 years, he has developed and refined his design skills through a broad range of mediums and disciplines, including web design, mixed-media, information architecture, and visual communication. James also develops Booga’s designs and builds templates for bespoke and WordPress templates.

Kev Davidson

Web Developer and Test lead

Kev has always been smitten with the tech industry since he was a wee lad.  He now rocks it in project management, specialising in testing and enhancement work.

Kev has worked on a wide variety of different types of projects from holiday companies to car brokers to e-commerce shopfronts. His work on projects normally includes HTML/CSS layout, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and WordPress.

  • Solutions strategy 85%
  • Programme / Project management 95%
  • Commercial Strategy 80%
  • Resource provision and solutions 95%
  • PHP 95%
  • .Net 85%
  • HTML5 86%
  • JQuery 88%
  • HTML / CSS 92%
  • MySQL 87%
  • Javascript 88%
  • Wordpress 91%

Jane Muffett

Company Founder

Jane ‘the boss’  is a co founder of Booga which was formed in 1993 and is responsible for ensuring that all that work for Booga work in an organised but enjoyable working environment.  After 22 years of working for large UK corporate dedicated to excellent customer service, Jane  joined with Steve to create the Booga Brand.  Jane makes the every day business tick and is responsible for ensuring that operation excellence is achieved and all of our customers are 100% satisfied.  From people to finance, invoicing to administration Jane ensures all is in order

Raj Kapur

Technical Architect

Raj our technical architect is responsible for ensuring the lights are on and that are servers and services are always optimised to ensure that our customer websites are working at all times. Raj is an experienced IT Design Authority and Technical Architect with extensive experience of technology selection, solution design and product road maps. His specialisms include platform design, messaging, SOA, Cloud and web technology applications.

Harriet Muffett


Harriet is the latest addition to the Booga team. Harriet has been primarily involved in the development of the new content management solutions using WordPress and Booga designs.

Having grown and developed her skills in a time when social media is king,  Harriet is very well placed to understand the needs of our younger start up generation and continues to impress us with her eye for contemporary and modern design.

  • Customer Service 95%
  • Finance 85%
  • Contract Management 82%
  • Human Resources 70%
  • .Net Technologies 90%
  • Java Development 80%
  • Linux, Apache, PHP & MySQL 87%
  • Open Source / Ecommerce 82%
  • Adobe CS6 Master Collection 55%
  • Booga Template design 70%
  • Wordpress CMS 68%
  • Social Media integration 60%

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