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Communictaion with your customers is key


Want to increase the effectiveness of your email correspondence? Booga can add life to your email by fusing it with your corporate identity. Gain an edge with email customisation services from Booga. We offer a range of ideas to improve on your existing email communications.

Email Branding

Branding your email is important in:

  • Reinforcing brand identity
  • Targetting traffic to specific areas of your web site
  • Promoting the individuality of your company

All of our branded email designs feature optimised graphics that offer little increase in download time over traditional plain text emails. We also ensure that our designs work perfectly in all commonly used email client programs.


Electronic newsletters are a highly efficient way to keep your customers informed whilst promoting your services. Booga can work with you to develop an attractive appearance and logical structure to your electronic newsletter.

Electronic Newsletters can be distributed in a number of ways:

  • Email Attachment (pdf, Word file, html etc)
  • Link to Newsletter stored on your web site
  • Presentation in body of email

For any of the methods above, you can be sure that Booga will make your Electronic Newsletters print compatible, thus keeping your costs down, remember we offer a full print service.


A targeted viral marketing campaign can achieve wonders in promoting your services, and polishing your brand identity.

Simply put, it is the process of sending out your advertisement to a select group of potential customers, and allowing them to pass it on through email and word-of-mouth.

Typical campaigns consist of:

  • Business Innovation
  • Business Apps
  • Competitions and Giveaways
  • Videos and Animations
  • Branded Screensavers and Wallpapers

Booga created viral marketing is focused at your core audience, and integrated with your current promotional strategies.

Contact us for more information regarding this exciting new form of advertising.

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